Beginner’s Guide to Intuitive Eating: How To Heal Your Relationship With Food

Our relationship with food is COMPLEX. It often becomes entwined with societal norms, expectations, and even our perceptions of self-worth. We’ve been conditioned by glossy magazines, diet culture, and sometimes even well-meaning loved ones, pushing us away from the innate wisdom our bodies possess. As we step into a space of self-love and healing, I want to introduce you to the concept intuitive eating.

Mindfulness for Anxiety: Finding Peace in a Chaotic Mind

As a holistic therapist who specializes in working with Gen Z and Millennial women struggling with anxiety disorders, I LOVE talking about mindfulness.

If you’ve been paying attention recently, chances are you have heard someone talking about mindfulness. It’s incredibly helpful, yet often misunderstood. So today I thought I’d share why developing a mindfulness practice is more than just a trend—it’s an invaluable tool to ease anxiety.

Letting Go of Perfectionism: 12 Strategies from a Therapist

People who struggle with perfectionistic traits or tendencies have an intense desire to achieve unrealistic expectations in all areas of their lives, whether it be work, academics, relationships, appearance, or personal goals. They often view mistakes or perceived imperfections as failure, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration, and anxiety.

5 Breathing Exercises for Anxiety You Can do Anywhere

Regular practice of breath work can lead to long-term benefits for managing stress and promoting a sense of inner peace. Breathwork can be highly effective and helpful tool for managing anxiety in several ways:

11 Grounding Techniques for When You’re Feeling Anxious

In this post I talk about some of my favorite grounding techniques for anxiety. I hope you will find some new ways to use grounding techniques that maybe you haven’t tried before. As always, take what you need and leave the rest.

What is Black and White Thinking and 9 Ways to Stop it in it’s Tracks

Black and white thinking is a really common cognitive distortion that I see with a lot of my clients. It is a way of thinking in extremes. It can lead to increased anxiety and depression and some research has also linked it to negative perfectionism. It’s words like always, never, everyone, everything, all the time, etc…These black or white terms leave little room for alternative perspectives that may be more rooted in reality.

How To Stop Negative Self-Talk: 7 Strategies From a Therapist

Everyone has a voice or voices in their head. Sometimes those voices are nice and other times those voices are highly critical. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, perfectionism or just are human, chances are you’ve experienced some form of negative self-talk.

Summer Self-Care: 21 Ideas for Vibrant Energy and Relaxation

As a holistic therapist, I’m passionate about self-care and living in alignment with the seasons. Different times of year lend themselves better to different types of self-care. Summer energy tends to be very fast and fun, adjusting your self-care routine to reflect this energy can have amazing benefits.

Feed Your Mind: How Diet Influences Anxiety And Depression Symptoms

As a holist therapist and nutritional therapy practitioner, I truly believe in a holistic approach to mental health. The food we eat has an immense impact on how we feel, and yet when seeking help for mental health it is so often overlooked. More traditionally anxiety and depression have been treated with a mix of talk therapy and medication. While these are two amazing tools, I believe we can see even better change and progress towards goals when we take a holistic approach to treatment.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Mindful Morning Routine

What is a Mindful Morning Routine? A mindful morning routine is a set of intentional practices that promote mindfulness, presence, and enhance overall wellbeing as you start your day. It involves engaging in activities that help you become more aware of the present moment, reduce stress, and set a positive tone for the rest of […]